A trip to Marjan Island

November 5, 2009

Marjan means coral in arabic and various other regional languages.

Situated a little away from the hub of Dammam Corniche, the Marjan Island was built by Saudi ARAMCO ….hmmm lets say a lot of years ago. The island is small, consists of patches of green and cement; perfect for a day out for all activities.

Families usually crowd around to have a fun time barbecuing, the children playing around and a lot of serious fishermen and fisherwomen.

In the centre is a tower in the shape of the coral and one can climb up the winding stairs to get a 360 degree view from the top.

There is no restaurant, so pack up a stack of your own ration. However, there is a tuck shop, commonly known as boofiya. If you chance to come here, try the cone icecream…. slurp

… and you can catch a boat ride from the island everyday.

At night, the skyline is lit up with lights from the Corniche area.

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