Alarm Clock!!

May 21, 2010

I admit I have been sleeping. I knew I had been sleeping.
It’s so easy to sleep than to be awake in this age and time. My country is sleeping. I see it everyday in the news, I hear it from the people. The country I right now live in, which conjures up the fallacy that to be a woman is a sin let alone let”allow” her to vote or drive a car. The pain is too much. And hence, it’s easier to not think. To not struggle.
To just watch that episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’ or watch some neurons-killing Indian film. To not just escape but to stay there. To just be still.
But isn’t that what means death?To not think is to not exist. To not want, is to not live.
and I choose to live.
We have lost many of our virtues. The first one ….thought; the other reason and another laziness. Reason without thought is stupidity. It is senseless, baseless _ a fallacy, an acceptance of darkness…saying yes to a void.If we act on something without reason, without thought, it holds no value. Because it was acted without reason…without spirit…without TRUTH.The contradiction to reason is foolishness, laziness, cowardice and all that is vice.
The question here is even when we know the truth and gain the wisdom of reason… we lack to act. The lack of action is an action unto itself_ its an inaction.When we decide that we are going to act upon inaction, we are making a noose for our own self; making a wreath for our own funeral. I will not fashion some frivolous speech or pump you with Red Bull. Just this that :
Think, Reason, Pursue and Triumph!

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