Of Leaves and Autumns

October 19, 2016


A beauty in dying

Drying up,dehydrating and withering

We leave and lie in our flaming graves

We rustle, moans in the breeze

The summer passed too soon

Now we lay on the ground which we watched from above

We had giggled and swayed in the giddy sunlight

We had looked down at the ground pitifully

Not realising, we would be together soon

Now slowly losing identity

Breaking off bit by bit

Chipped and combined in brown

A part once, a part no more.

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Pearl Kirkby

December 8, 2016 by Pearl Kirkby

Besides the beautiful colours in the picture, the verse itself is – peaceful…like it detracts from the discomfort of contemplating death, if that makes any sense? It’s a near reflection of my own thoughts in transition at death. For all that this poem is about a rather dark subject, it’s really quite beautiful.


    December 9, 2016 by zahraammar

    It makes complete sense 🙂 It makes my day to find atleast one soul that can resonate with my words. I feel my existance has made a difference that day. Thankyou Pearl.

Pearl Kirkby

December 8, 2016 by Pearl Kirkby

Reblogged this on The Old Fossil Writes and commented:
This particular piece by Zahra Ammar rather speaks to one of the premises of Folded Dreams, I think…)

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